Author Topic: 8 month sleep regression! Need help!  (Read 334 times)

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8 month sleep regression! Need help!
« on: January 17, 2018, 07:28:58 am »
Hi, I've posted here before and pupd worked for my baby girl for about 2 months she was sleeping pretty well. Then 8 month sleep regression happened. Now, she doesn't self settle and wants to nurse to sleep ALL THE TIME! She stands up in her crib and cries so I am not sure how to restart pupd again. I've been co sleeping for almost a month now and she wakes every 2 hours at night. It's getting tough. Her feeding schedule has also gone haywire because she's eating so much at night. But I try my best to nurse her more during the day hoping she would sleep longer but it hasn't work so far. She's on solids once or twice a day depending on whether I can manage to cook. She clings on me all the time and I've had to cook with one hand and hold her on the other. Anyway, below us roughly her typical day (but I try to nurse her whenever I can so it's hard to put the time down). She's fully breastfed:

WU: 7am
E: between 7:30 to 8am
E: piece of fruit for breakfast 9am
A: 3 hours-3:30 hours
S: 10am or 10:30am
E: 11am
E: lunch solid 12pm
A: 3 hours-3:30hours
S: 2pm-4pm
E: 4-5pm
A: 3hours-3:30hours
BT: 7pm-7:30pm

Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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Re: 8 month sleep regression! Need help!
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2018, 13:02:11 pm »
Routine looks pretty good - i can't see an obvious problem there :)  8 months is quite a common time for separation anxiety to kick in - it sounds like that may well be part of it if she's very clingy?  Thinking back to when it started - what first went 'wrong' and how did you respond to it?  Not to make you feel bad at all :-* but often we unintentionally reinforce habits by the way we respond to the (very normal) ups and downs in sleep.  It sounds like perhaps she got upset, you soothed her with a feed and now you've both slipped back to that habit again? 

You can absolutely use PUPD here if that worked well for her the first time, and you're ready.  Just instead of actually picking up, you're now doing just 'put down'.  So if she stands and cries for you, go in, lie her down, say your sleep phrase and step back (or out).  She's slept independently before if I interpret what you've said correctly?  In which case you can use WIWO in combination with the put down -  This worked very well for my daughter at a similar age.  We didn't have co-sleeping or feed props to deal with but we did have 'shrieking like a banshee at bedtime' for an hour or more until she learned that we would always come back to her.

In terms of feeding, had she previously dropped night feeds?  It's not out of the normal range to still have a night feed at this age so you might want to think about when, and if, you feed her.  My two EBF babies had both dropped all night feeds by this point (possibly a 5.30/6am feed which I just counted as the morning feed) but they would have been having more in the way of solids.  Solids certainly aren't the answer to all sleep issues though!!!  Just something to think about :)