Author Topic: My 12 month old has always woken at least three times a night  (Read 601 times)

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I need help. My nearly 12 month old has woken every night at least three times and rarely sleeps more than three hours at a time. She's exclusively breastfed as she wouldn't take a bottle. She had colic as a baby and a few digestion issues which have improved. She's now teething but still wakes when she isn't (it's just worse when she is). She has a dummy as a comforter. When she wakes she sits or stands up probaby because she wants someone to sort her out. Bit if picked up she either wants a feed or doesn't tend to settle in my arms and seems to want to sleep in the cot (but then putting her down sometimes starts her off again). She's trying to walk and incredibly active and alert. Always has been desperate to play and reluctant to sleep quickly. Any advice would be really appreciated.  So exhausted it's affecting my health. I do all the night and my husband gets up in the morning so I xan try and catch up on sleep.

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Re: My 12 month old has always woken at least three times a night
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2018, 11:31:42 am »
Hello, welcome to BW forums :)

Could you give us a little more information please?
- How does she fall to sleep for naps and night sleep? (ie is she an independent sleeper other than these night wakings?)
- If she is an independent sleeper what sleep training methods did you use?
- Can you post her EAS routine, when she eats, sleeps and how long she stays awake.
- What is your goal?  It's not totally clear from your post if you wanted to stop BF now or continue or if for instance you wanted to continue BF during the day but drop the night feeds?

Sorry to hear your health is effected.  Hopefully we can help you find a way to get some better rest.