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11.5 months EW/NW
« on: May 08, 2018, 12:38:08 pm »
Hi everyone,

My little one will be 1 year in just two weeks (crazy!!). She hasn't been the greatest sleeper but we have managed. I picked up the baby whispering book when she was about 4 months old and tried to get her onto the EASY program. Unfortunately, I can't really control the daycare routine so it isn't followed perfectly.

Anyway, two weeks ago I would have been writing a different post (up twice a night, hard to get her to sleep at night, little napping), I was about ready to give up then all of a sudden she slept all night! We had about 5 days where she went down at 8pm and would wake up 5:30-7 am. We are starting to slip back and the last two nights she has woken up at 3 am and the only thing that seems to work is to feed her (we try comforting her, diaper change, and then nursing as a last resort). She can clearly go all night because she did last week so I don't want to slip into feeding her again if I don't have to. She ate a ton of solids last night so she should have had plenty to go all night.

I tried putting her to bed earlier the night before and she was up at 3. Here is what the last two days have looked like:

Is woken up at 6:30
Breakfast: 7
Nap at daycare: 11:30 (this has only been 20/30 mins)
Lunch: 12
Bottle BM: 12:30
Nap in car: 3/3:30 (1.5, wake her up by 5)
BF: 5
Dinner: 6
BF: 6:30
Bed time: 7 the first night, 8:15 the second because second nap times were different.
NW: 3 am

When she is home she takes better naps but last week she did have some good one hour naps at daycare which helped.

I am thinking of doing the wake-to-sleep at around 2:30 am tonight. Any suggestions? I am not sure if she just wakes up and then after being up for a bit realizes she is hungry or if she is just hungry.

Also, last week she started kind of putting herself to sleep. It had been a real struggle and then all of a sudden she started cuddling up to her fleece blanket on the floor and then I could just transfer her to the crib, awake, and she would either romp around a bit or just sleep. Now she is taking a little more work, back rubs and shushing. She is very active and starting to take her first steps, so there is that too. Oh, we do use a pacifier. She uses it to fall asleep and then spits out it once she does and doesn't wake up. We were planning on taking it away until she started to sleep all night.

Sorry it's so long! I will take any suggestions, I feel like at 1 year she should be sleeping!

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Re: 11.5 months EW/NW
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2018, 23:48:15 pm »
It's perfectly normal for a baby this age to still need a NF. This is especially common if away from mum in the day. It's called reverse cycling and they use the NF as a way to get extra breastmilk and time with mum.

If you think it is down to hunger you could try offering some solids snacks in the day.

Learning to walk also requires extra brain power and calories and developmental leaps can bring on sleep disturbances as they wake and process their new skills.

She could also be moving towards only needing one nap. This is classic at this age. Check out our FAQ about it.
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Re: 11.5 months EW/NW
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2018, 12:17:58 pm »
Hi, thanks for your reply!

Of course the night I post this she starts sleeping again! I forgot to put she does get 2-3 snacks a day. Now she is waking for the pacifier which is new. We have to work on getting rid of that but just keep stalling.