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Re: Short naps!
« Reply #15 on: May 18, 2018, 11:54:28 am »
Not all LOs can go longer than 3hrs between feeds until they are a bit older. Tracy mentioned this in her book and listed some LOs who it might refer to (BF, prem etc) but really it is down to the individual.  My DS was neither BF nor prem but could not increase the time between feeds from 3 to 4 hrs until he was 6 months old when he had solids (with a milk top up at the end of meals) between his milk E times.  For my DS it was about having silent reflux and just not liking milk.  I just worked around it, he needed a long morning A time but with the shorter E times.  I did find that he'd go a bit longer than 3hrs if he was asleep whereas he couldn't make it past 3 hrs if he was awake or had been fussing/crying or short naps due using up more calories.

It's quite normal for a BF baby to have two night feeds. You could try a dream feed but you might prefer letting LO wake naturally for the feed, either is fine.  I always did a feed around 10pm, the DF time, but my DS refused to eat whilst asleep so he would just wake for it. It still meant his long stretch of sleep came after my bed time so I got the best stretch I could.