Author Topic: Long night stretch leading to early morning for 2 month old  (Read 725 times)

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I have a just turned 2 month old who is a textbook baby.  We have been doing EASY pretty much since birth (he's my third EASY baby but my first easy baby, iykwim ;).  Our EASY routine has been starting at 6:30/7am, then bedtime usually ends up between 7 and 8, and I dreamfeed at 10.  He was waking for one NF around 3/4.  But now he's extending that long night stretch and last night for example didn't wake for a feed until 5:45am which is awesome! But then after I fed him he was wide awake for the day. I did reswaddle him and tried to put him back down thinking maybe he would sleep another hour and then I'd get him up for the day at 7 but he just laid there smiling at me and wide awake.  :)

   How do I handle this period where he can't quite make it from dreamfeed till 7 am, but I don't want our routine to start at 5:45/6am each day??

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Re: Long night stretch leading to early morning for 2 month old
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2018, 14:01:18 pm »
Hi there
There are a couple of things I can think of you can try, although it will be a bit of experimentation I think...
- a second DF prior to the time he is waking for a night feed.  This would mean his gets food but doesn't wake at that 5am ish time which is a really tricky time of the morning to get back to sleep. If you can keep him asleep he might go right through the 5am WU and up to 7am again.
- drop the 10pm DF and wait for  him to wake for a NF instead.  There is a chance the night feed would be 3 - 5 hrs earlier than it is currently, so perhaps around 12pm to 2am ish which would be an easier time to resettle rather than 5am.  On the other hand though you could still end up with a 5am WU as LO is only expected to do one long stretch of sleep.

I can only really say it is normal for feeds to increase and also decrease at this age due to increasing length of time they can last but also growth spurts meaning they need more.

Perhaps others have more ideas.

I had a LO that woke early no matter what, just the way he was.