Author Topic: Help help! Mum of crap napper needing help.  (Read 464 times)

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Help help! Mum of crap napper needing help.
« on: October 12, 2018, 09:05:14 am »
Ahhh where to start...

LO who I think is spirited verging on grumpy is 3 months now. Since day dot it's been a mission getting him to sleep AND stay sleeping (daytime naps are crushingly 30 mins).

I cheat by feeding to sleep and even then sometimes he's bright eyed.

We've had health visitors comment on how alert and strong he is for his age. He's either at 0 or 100, asleep or awake.
I'm ready the EASY method and dreading implementing it, but want to at the same time. Firstly, he never seems 'drowsy'. He is not one to ever drift off unless there has been a boob in his mouth. So how I can put him down drowsy but awake, I don't know.

I'm reading shush pat and PU/PD and don't see a heck of a difference between the two if we're speaking of a baby that ramps up rather than settles. Secondly, the Sitting part of the S's for 5mins I know will f**k him off. He cries at getting Swaddled for goodness sake, so we're already on the wrong foot.

The times I've tried putting him to bed without a boob have been hard. I hadn't sobbed in years until I had this guy. He fights his naps and turns purple and squirms. He just gets diabolical that it seems no shushing or holding will help. 

We've been using a dummy also. He doesn't wake up if it falls out, but it is our go-to to get back to sleep if he wriggles or stirs. Can we still use it?

Surprisingly his night times are good. I feed him to sleep, then he goes in his cot next to DH for about 5 hours (I sleep in another room) until he wakes up and then comes to me for a feed and further co-sleeping. Ideally I'd like us to all sleep in the same room, him in the cot beside the bed and I dream feed.

* How do I get him to sleep on his own? - Shush pat? PU/PD? What if an hour goes by and he's still inconsolable? Wait till it's 3 hrs and feed? What's the limit?
* How do I extend his crap naps?

Please help, you amazing people, help!

Eternally grateful here.