Author Topic: HELP! Starting EASY at 12 weeks  (Read 450 times)

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HELP! Starting EASY at 12 weeks
« on: July 03, 2018, 04:32:06 am »
Hello, my DD is 12 weeks today and I have been trying to get her into a routine the last week. Sh is EBF mostly latch but also takes bottles. Ever since I introduced routine she has not been eating well, crying at the breast and refusing to eat up to 5-6 hours. She is having adequate nappies so far. It is very difficult to get to an actual routine because I cannot get her to eat. Aside from not wanting to eat, she is still fighting nap time and is requiring swaddle, rocking, paci and multiple attempts. I am exhausted and I want to help my LO because she is very cranky and I imagine OT all day. This is what today looked like for us
0745 WU, E
0815 A
1000 S (after multiple attempts to resettle I tried to feed)
1020 A (after refusing feed)
1100 CN (in car seat)
1200 E
1230 A
1400 multiple failed attempts to nap, just held and rocked her for 30 minutes
1430 A
1500 S
1510 awake crying, refused feed
1600 back to S
1615 awake crying
1615 E
1630 A
1800 DH attempted to put down for CN unsuccesful
rocked baby to nap 20 minutes
1820 wake up crying, refused latch
1830 activity
1900 bath
1930 feed
2020 sleep

I am getting tired and helpless. I feel like I am failing my baby causing her to refuse feeds and be overly tired.
Any help would be great.
Also, if you havent guessed she is a spirited and grumpy baby.

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Re: HELP! Starting EASY at 12 weeks
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2018, 14:06:14 pm »
0630 Eat
0900 nap
1000 eat
1100 activity and sleep in car seat
1200 activity
230p eat
4p cat nap
7p feed
730p bath, WD
8p bed

I have attempted to DF multiple times and she purses her lips/pushes off while slightly awake.
she woke up at 1245 to feed, then 4 am and woke up for the day at 730

Any advicre would be great

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Re: HELP! Starting EASY at 12 weeks
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2018, 09:28:39 am »
Hello and welcome to BW forums :)

Sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner.

A couple of things you can try:
1. reduce A time down to 1hr 20 to 1hr 30.  At the moment it looks like your A time is very long for her age and whilst some LOs do like a long A time it would be very unusual to see an A time of 2 or 2.5 hrs which is sometimes happening although it is not always clear on your EASY exactly when she woke up or how long she slept.
Count the A time from the moment she wakes up (if she resettles back to sleep try to record when she woke when she nodded off again and when she woke at the end of the nap) up to the moment she sleeps. Try to have her asleep by 1hr 20 or 1hr 30, so start your wind down before this time.

2.  With the feeds, it could just be that she is happier to eat at a longer stretch.  As she is not wanting to nurse more frequently she might just be really efficient feeding and getting what she needs on a 4hr routine instead.  You can be flexible in the feeding, if it is 3.5hr or 4hr it's okay.  The idea is not to force her to eat but neither is it to withhold food.  If she is gaining weight and producing wet nappies then she is likely fine eating at the longer stretches.  Most LOs move to 3hr 30 and then 4hr feeds at 4 months so although she is younger than this, she might just be a bit more of a grown up eater.  if her health is good try not to worry.

Have you started sleep training as well as introducing the EASY routine?
Have the short naps and long A times or nap refusal started because you changed the way she sleeps (ie trying to get her in a cot where she is not used to sleeping) or was she already not napping well in the day before you started the routine?
Did she ever take 1hr 30 or 2hr naps before you introduced the routine?  if so where were these naps (in arms, in sling, in car etc)?
Did you begin the routine with 3 days observation to see what her rhythms were before starting or did you jump right in with an example routine from the book?

Sorry for so many questions, just trying to get a bigger picture and see what might be going on for your LO.