Author Topic: What to do when over tired 7-month old doesn't seem to want help soothing?  (Read 1224 times)

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Hello all!

We have been following the EASY routine for about a month and a half and so far it has been working well. If we catch his tired window he goes right down and falls asleep for naps and at night, though naps do tend to be a little more difficult. The problem comes when we miss that window.

When we miss the window and he gets over tired he seems to not want our help soothing himself. If we try and place a hand on him and reassure him he pushes our hand away. Picking him up frustrates him and he arches his back and seems to want to be put down. Last night was really bad after his grandma took him out and about and he got over stimulated. No amount of reassuring would help him and he would only scream louder. The only thing that worked was to just leave the room and let him cry.

I know that the baby whisperer method does not recommend letting them cry it out, and I feel terrible to let him do that, but it seems like the only thing that works for those times. Does anyone else have a similar experience? What can we do to calm him down so he can actually settle instead of just leaving him to it?

His typical routine looks like this:

Wake & E: 6:00
A: 6:30-9
Sleep: 9
W & E: 10:30 or 11 depending
A: 11-2
S: 2 (second nap always shorter)
E: 3
A: 3
I give bath and wind down at 6:30 and he usually is asleep around 7

Thank in advance for your help!

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What about just staying in the room and soothing with your voice? A calming phrase or song maybe. Or taking him out of the room and then trying again in a bit.
Does feeding help?
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