Author Topic: Started PU/PD 9 month old...he got sick day 2  (Read 312 times)

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Started PU/PD 9 month old...he got sick day 2
« on: October 05, 2018, 02:44:57 am »
We just began pu/pd for a breastfed 9 month old who has been in our bed since birth.  We knew better because we used Tracey's methods with our 3 y/o, who is a spirited boy that sleeps great thanks to her book!  But, life got in the way and I was afraid to wake everyone in the house so I never "allowed" the baby to cry.  Anyway, he seemed to be getting the idea with PU/PD as predicted, but then day 2 he got sick.  Pink eye, ear infection, and horrible congestion/cough.  It has been almost 2 weeks and we are still up all hours of the night doing PU/PD.  He only has just begun to feel better.  My question is do you keep doing the normal method when they are ill or do you veer in some way to accommodate until they are better?  I think we may have held a little longer during PU when he was ill because he seemed to do better in the upright position.  I didn't want to go completely backwards either.  We are getting frustrated as though he's never going to get it.  Last night, he woke after a few hours and we did a dream feed.  Then he woke around 330, but got himself back to sleep.  We woke him at 730 am.  that was a great night and we have only had a couple of those since starting. Tonight, however, he took over an hour to put down, numerous PU/PD. and then woke up 45 min later.  We have been doing PU/PD as we speak for over an hour now.  Who knows how many times he will get up when he finally goes.  Any advice would be truly appreciated.

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Re: Started PU/PD 9 month old...he got sick day 2
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2018, 06:14:26 am »
So sorry nobody has yet replied, and I hope your LO is doing better.

Generally speaking, when they're sick, sleep training of any kind is a lost cause. What they need then is comfort and cuddles and recovery (and parents need, as much as possible, to spell each other or get help from others to do that) until the illness passes.