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At a loss!
« on: November 08, 2018, 22:24:39 pm »
Iím hoping someone can please give me some sleep guidance as Iím at a loss with my 10.5 month old.
Heís been on a schedule since 5 weeks, able to self soothe to sleep from 4 months (we had lots of trouble with gas in the beginning) his EASY is not perfect because he has an older brother (almost 3) who naps 12.30-2 and goes to preschool twice a week.
Weíve gotten into a habit of nursing before naps rather than after (never nursed to sleep) because big bro is excited when he wakes so babe is distracted and wasnít taking a full feed.

He was waking around 6.30/45, taking 2 naps 8.30-10 & 1-3, waking 1-2 overnight for a quick feed, then a month ago started waking for 2 hours at night, mostly happy, eventually getting upset but wide awake, usually 3-5. So I adjusted his naps thinking he was having too much daytime sleep. Waking him after 1 hour in the am 9-10 (if he makes it to 9, otherwise 8.30 and he has 1.15) and 1.5 in the afternoon. 1.30-3. Bed by 6.30/7. Now heís sleeping through but up and ready to start the day at 5.15 every morning. Ive checked environmental factors, made the room cooler, warmer etc, he has blackout blinds plus morns are dark now.
Iíve tried nursing him, leaving him, shushing. Heís usually happy just talking loudly so after about 30mins my husband gets him up and reads books to avoid him waking our toddler. Then about 2 hours later heís getting tired and grouchy. Am I missing something? Should I be cutting his nap time further? Maybe be a little stricter (on really grouchy days I often leave him for 1.5hr each nap) on preschool days he doesnít get first nap till 9.15 so when he wakes at 5/5.15 heís going so long before his first nap it totally messes up the rest of the day. Any ideas how I stretch him to 6 at least? Not convinced itís hunger, he eats really well. Last night he woke at 2am so I fed him and he was still up at 5.15 :(
Thanks in advance for any suggestions