Author Topic: short naps and constant waking up at night  (Read 2869 times)

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short naps and constant waking up at night
« on: November 22, 2018, 04:00:05 am »
Hi -- i'm new here and looking for some wise wisdom and insight for my 2 issues with sleep.  I have twins G/B who ae 9.5 months. 

1) I have recently cut their naps from 3 to 2 naps.  When they were taking 3 naps they'd average out to about 2.5 hrs day naps.  But now once down to 2 naps they are only take about 30 mins each nap (mind you it's only been a few days).  They are still swaddled (in my culture it's standard) but till recetnly they were swaddled tight - now i've changed their swaddles so their legs are more free.  I don't know what to do to get them to nap longer during the day.  The are sleep in the same room (seperate cots) with soft music, AC and dark room.  They stay up between naps for abt 3 hrs. 

2) night time sleep- they consisantly wake up at night (my son more than my daughter).  The only way we get any sleep in the house is to bring the one that wakes up first (usually my son) to our bed - once in our bed and is cuddled - he sleeps- but he doesn't sleep in his cot.  usually about 2-3am.  My friends say do whatever gets you and them sleep (i work full time- so i do need some sleep).  i alway think i'd wait till he sleeps then put him back but then i fall asleep as well. Plus when my son is in his crib he alawys seems to move himself to the top corner of his crib.  I have kept pillow boosters on the side of their bodies so they cant turn over even if they try (since they are still swaddled - that would scare me).  I would love to stop the swaddling all together but i know they will find it difficult. Oh any they need their pacifers to sleep as well.  ohhh i'm hoping someone here could give me some advice and i'm fresh out of ideas.  This is their schedule at the moment

6:15 - usualy wake up
7- Milk
9:15/45- nap (last few days they only take 30 mins)
11- milk
12- lunch
1:30- nap  till about 2 or 2:15
3 milk
5 dinner
6:15- bedtime routine
7 milk bed

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Re: short naps and constant waking up at night
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2019, 14:33:40 pm »
Hi! how did you get on? I'm having lots of troubles now with my DS sleep,very similar to what you have been telling here. Did everything go back to normal for you? If yes, how?

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Re: short naps and constant waking up at night
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2019, 04:38:45 am »
Hello and welcome.
I cannot even begin to think about the logistics of 2! I found one to be a handful ;D  But just in case it helps -- at 9 months, we were doing around 4 hours awake time between naps with 1 long nap of 2+ hours and a catnap of 30 minutes. Average A time at this age is 3-4 hours, so that looks good in your routine. If you find the naps are not lengthening, you could experiment with increasing the time slowly to see if it helps. What you could do, is pick one nap -- whichever one is easier and work on extending it ( Again, I have no clue about how that is done with 2) and you could keep the second nap as it is, a catnap.

We also swaddled for a long time - we weaned at 8 months, so I totally get the appeal. I was apprehensive about weaning but it was just quicker and smoother than I expected. Nights were fine from Day 1. She simply flipped over and slept on her tummy from then on. For naps, we put a folded sheet over her and tightly tucked it on both sides of the crib. This helped her fall asleep as her hands were flailing around wildly otherwise. During the nap, her hands would escape but she got used to it. Here's a link about weaning the swaddle
I do think weaning the swaddle might help your night wakings. All the best! Xx

PS- I found this chat thread for twins and multiples. I don't know if anyone is still chatting but might be worth a read to see how others have got on
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