Author Topic: Awake times for 4.5MO who naps 45 min  (Read 2787 times)

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Awake times for 4.5MO who naps 45 min
« on: December 12, 2018, 22:40:41 pm »
I’ve read that in order to help increase naps, you need to gradually stretch awake time. My 4.5MO only naps for 45 min and so often gets tired/fussy right around 1 hr of awake time. I know Tracy recommended not trying to keep them up, but follow their cues. How do I blend stretching awake time without reaching over tiredness. He also doest sleep well at night. Just started pu/pd 2 nights ago. Yesterday he did all naps in his crib 🙌🏼 While today we’re bacj to me holding him. So - when he doesn’t nap well for 2 naps, I want to make sure he gets a good one and will hold him. But I would like to move toward naps in crib. Thoughts?

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Re: Awake times for 4.5MO who naps 45 min
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 09:46:53 am »
Hey! What does your day look like in terms of EASY? Right now, your LO would be nearly 6 mo. A times would be around 2&1/2 to 3 hours. To lengthen his naps, you would gradually have to increase his awake time in his direction. You would need to do it slowly, otherwise he could get very overtired and that comes with it's own set of issues. Day sleep impacts night sleep, so this would then help with his nights as well. Also, if he is going to sleep at the right time, it would be easier for him to fall sleep and stay asleep -- if not, you can always settle him with shh/Pat etc.

As you are working to extend A time, keep your activity time very low key -- maybe getting outdoors if possible. A calming walk might help prevent overtiredness/ overstimulation. While you are extending the times, I would say do whatever you need to keep him sleeping. Once it's at the right A time, you could work on putting him to sleep in his crib and settling him in the crib itself. For all you know, it might work itself out. Hope that helps