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W2S/shush pat/nap extending and self settling help!
« on: January 08, 2019, 23:29:13 pm »
Hi - looking for advice on how to help my LO connect sleep cycles and self settle.

He is 11.5weeks old and up to about aweek ago has spent most of his little life so far very poorly. This has meant that he has been held to sleep or in a ring sling for much of his day time sleep so far. I used ssh/pat and PUPD with DS1 but sssh/pat seems to o/s DS2. Heís a very alert baby and Iím struggling to get him to WD for a nap. Likewise, he then wakes at 40/45mins and is impossible tonresettle, even trying W2S and heíll doze for a few secs but then fully wake. I use white noise and Blackout curtains - but the room isnít completely dark until nighttime and even the smallest bit of light and he canít stop staring at what he can see!  Is there any kind of gentle sleep training I can do?

At the moment I am having to wait for him to fall asleep on my shoulder during WD, and thenput him down (for him to wake 45mins later) or use the sling. He wonít nap in the pushchair or the car, I think itís too stimulating.

Any advice appreciated. Our current EASY is below:

WU/E 7:00
A: 1hr30 (sometimes only 1h15)
S: 8:30 -9:30 (this nap is always in the sling while I get housework done or do the school run-he sometimes wakes after 45mins, then dozes back off 10mins later and has another 40mins)

E: 10:00
A: 1hr30 (sometimes 1h15/20)
S: 111:00/11:30 (depending on last WU)-11:45/12:15 mostly unable to resettle  in crib so ends up being held or in the sling 12:30-13:00(I wake him for a feed)

E: 13:00
A: 1hr 30(sometimes 1h15/20)
S: 14:30-15:15 mostly unable to resettle in crib so ends up being held or in the sling. If heís still asleep at 16:15 then I wake him for a feed 15:30-16:15

A: 1hour-1hr15
CN S: 17:00/17:15 (always in the sling as Iím always cooking dinner etc) sometimes he fights this nap and how long he has varies. In any case I donít let him sleep later than 17:45.

A: bath time etc1hr 15 (probably worth mentioning that I bathDS1&2 together at 18:15ish, both out and dressed by 18:45 and then DS1 goes to bed while I go off to feed DS2. Hesnormally very unsettled at this time and cries a lot once heís out of the bathat 18:40)
E: 18:50
S BT: 19:00

DF 22:00/22:30
NF:2:00 (sometimes another at 5:30 but this is getting less frequent)
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Re: W2S/shush pat/nap extending and self settling help!
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2019, 03:56:39 am »
It's very normal not to easily connect sleep cycles around the 3/4month old age, so mostly it's developmental.

The fact he will go back to sleep in the sling says that he is trying to sleep longer, so honestly I'd just keep doing what you are doing & maybe try to  extend out the A time a bit longer with low key activities such as a "chat together" or reading a book as that may help him being sleepy enough to get through the cycles
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Re: W2S/shush pat/nap extending and self settling help!
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2019, 15:26:35 pm »
Thanks for your reply. DS is now 13.5weeks and we are still having the same problems.
Iíve tries altering oUr A times but still get 45mins (if I go anywhere around the 1h15-30 mark) or sometimes just 30mins (when Iíve tried 1h45).

Itís definitely a sleep cycle issue - Iíve tried w2s but he always eventually fully stirs, even ifhe lies dozing and trying to resettle for 10-15mins.

Then obviously when heís only had 45mins, heís yawning and rubbing his eyes half an hour later. Then I have to go through the whole thing again, kicking and screaming while I rock and then put down. Sometimes he then only naps for 15-20mins on the second time. I also have a 2.5year old at home.

Iím struggling to get through a day without him having something silly like 6 cat naps!

Iíve now completely blacked out the nursery so he has no visual distractions, but Iím also now struggling to get him to WD/settle in the first place (which never used to be a problem) - if I hold him for WD or put him in his sleeping bag, then he fights and fights. Heíll scream (quite literally) and thrash for a good 5mins and I have to rock him...then heíll suddenly crash and fall asleep, so I put him down. Iím aware that this means he expects me to still be there when he wakes up and wonít connect sleep cycles well. Iím unsire what else to try? Iíve tried ssh/pat in his cot but he just screams (and then doesnít calm down when held either until rocked for a long time)

Is he too young for PUPD? Although Iím not sure this would work, as like I said, he doesnít calm down very well even when picked up.

Heís a textbook/spirited baby.
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Re: W2S/shush pat/nap extending and self settling help!
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2019, 10:07:04 am »
Have you seen any improvement ?
My baby 9 weeks and this sounds exactly like her.
Usually when she slept on my chest is would help to get a long sleep now that is not even working.
We are getting about three hours of broken sleep total the whole day - In 20-40min cat naps. All sleep training has gone out the window. All I actually want is for her to sleep and not be miserable all day.