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Day and Nights Switched
« on: February 19, 2019, 21:06:11 pm »
We did EASY with our daughter, and it worked great.  However, my newborn son (15 days old) has his days and nights switched.  We started EASY the day we got home from the hospital and have been very diligent about keeping him on a 3 hour routine.  However, it has become evident he has days and nights switched.  He sleeps all days with little awake time but will be awake most of the night.  Today, we started to reintroduce EASY as suggested in the book by not allowing him to sleep more than one hour at a time without waking.  However, this is very foreign as it completely changes the 3 hour routine suggested in the book (and that we used with our daughter).  We have a few questions:

1.  Has anyone done this one hour waking?  If so, what worked well or didn't work well?
2.  I'm worried we're going to make him over tired now.  How do we avoid this?
3.  How long do we keep him up in these hours (if we're able to keep him up at all)?

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Re: Day and Nights Switched
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2019, 01:03:55 am »
Congratulations on your baby

firstly it's not uncommon to have the switch and time out in the daylight can help with getting the times sorted.
Also  EASY isn't about clock timing but a break between feeds and sleep so they don't associate sleep with milk so feeding more often in the day can also help, It's not an exact science as to how long you can or should keep him awake some times you might manage 5 mins, others 15 or 20, others it could be an unsettled period of hours, but doing things like a bath and giving day naps in noisy areas of the house can also help them not sleep as much in the day.

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