Author Topic: Many Transitions Leading to Possible Sleep Issues Ahead  (Read 2865 times)

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Many Transitions Leading to Possible Sleep Issues Ahead
« on: January 26, 2019, 00:56:46 am »
Hi All,

I am a FTM to an almost 4 month old Textbook/Spirited daughter. We did have some trouble with naps (they were erratic: sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 40, sometimes she would sleep the full 90) but have been working on them with the help of PU/PD and wake to sleep.  Both DH and I have been blessed with her sleeping through the night most nights but now, with the many transitions she is going to go through, I fear as though this will no longer be the case. We are now on day 8 in our transition to the 4 hour routine and it is going okay. In addition to this change, she also has some coming up in the next few weeks/months:

1. Transitioning out of the Sleep Sack Swaddle (Timeframe: A few days/1 week after transition to 4 hour routine is complete)
--DD has been trying to break out of the swaddle from time to time, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. However, I can clearly see that the sack is getting too short on her and too tight as well. I know she cannot sleep swaddled forever, but every time I have tried to get her out, it has always been a struggle and I always give in to the swaddle. It seems to me that her hands excite/stimulate her and she ends up sucking on her fingers instead of trying to go to sleep. It might just be my impatience as well.
2. Transitioning from bassinet to crib (Timeframe: In ~ 1 month?)
--Before I found Tracy, I was thinking to use a Pack N Play Playard as her crib, given that our living space is small. However, I think doing PU/PD in a Pack N Play would do a real number on my back. Not to mention, I do not think it would be super comfortable for her.
3. Transitioning to two different caregivers (1 daycare and 1 relative) when I go back to work (Timeframe: In 1.5 months)
--This change makes me the most worried.
4. Transitioning to solid foods (Timeframe: In 2 months is the plan, but we shall see)
--We had some feeding difficulties in the beginning (i.e., no routine at all, poor latching, not feeding frequently enough, etc) so I am worried how she will react to solids.

Based on my reading of her books, when discussing sleep issues, one of the first questions Tracy asked is have any changes been going on. As you can see, there will be lots of changes in LO's life! Does anyone have any tips for these? Please let me know.

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Re: Many Transitions Leading to Possible Sleep Issues Ahead
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2019, 21:29:47 pm »
Yes transitions change things. They do in the adult world too, some we can control some we can only manage.
You sound like a very organised person who likes control, so I think the biggest thing is to embrace flexibility, eg 4 hours can be anything from 3.5 to 4plus... it's not  clockwork
Try another swaddle or way of wrapping.
You can do some aps in different places. Have a good ritual for sleep...each carer can have a variation.
TBH I'd go to crib now before you unswaddle ( my  were swaddled Aussie swaddle in a sheet) until weather got to hot, which was 7 months for my DS2., So it's more about choice there.

In terms of solids at around 5 +months she should be sitting pretty ok, so sit her in a high chair next to you eating and she will probably reach for food. Then look at the foods that are recommended and offer one type for 3-4 days before a new one so you can monitor any reaction... My Ds1 was a problem with latch etc... Great with solids except orange vegetables eg carrot/ pumpkin/ sweet Potato upset him.
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