Author Topic: Help - is my 8.5mo starting 2-1?  (Read 186 times)

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Help - is my 8.5mo starting 2-1?
« on: November 13, 2018, 05:53:05 am »
We have had a run of awful sleep through the 8 month sleep regression which came early for us and separation anxiety. His A time also seems to have increased dramatically to the point I think he’s trying to start 2-1. The best night sleep we had recently was after the following day:

6:22 - up for day
9:54 - nap 50 mins (settled easily 3hr 32 A)
2:50 - nap 25 mins (4hr 5 A)
6:45 - bedtime (3hr 30A)

That gave us an 11.5 hour night, he stirred and settled himself a couple of times and needed one quick feed.  I’ve tried pushing his first A to get a longer nap and yesterday we had this:
6:00 - up for day
10:05 - nap 1hr 25 (4 hour 5 A time) I woke him to preserve second nap
2:20 - nap 30 mins, fell asleep in car (3 hr 50 A)
6:45 - bedtime (4 hour A)

After that we had an extended night waking where be was happily awake for almost 90 minutes and would not go back to sleep. We’ve had these extended wakes a couple of times and it has always been from ‘too much’ day sleep - which for him on 2 naps is another more than about 1hr 30/1 hr 30 in naps a day.

He is only 8.5 months but very active and mobile and constantly on the go like an older baby. I feel like he’s trying to transition but know that ‘they’ say this is way too early to start transitioning.

Should I nap limit and not push his first A time to get 2 short naps in for a bit longer or just try starting the 2-1? The problem is if he has even a 20-30 min catnap after a morning nap longee than an hour we’re getting bad nights. So if I did do it we’d have to completely cut the catnap and do early bedyime. Any advice would be appreciated!!

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Re: Help - is my 8.5mo starting 2-1?
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2019, 16:45:47 pm »
I see your post is quite old. Just wonder what worked for you? I am in similar shoes now with my 9.5 mo old DD...