Author Topic: almost 19 months waking up several times between 1-4 am... HELPPPPP!!!!!  (Read 185 times)

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Good morning ladies

My DD sleeps through the night since she was 4mo in her own room. Our wake and bedtime always the same 6:00am & 7:00pm. Around 15 months she transitioned to 1 nap because daycare requirements for the 1yr class. so generally our day routine give or take is as follow:

6:00am Wake up (bottle)
6:10am get ready for daycare
6:25am heading to daycare with a fruit sauce on the go
7am - 8am breakfast
9am 10am activities
11am lunch
12pm - 2pm nap time
2pm - 4pm snack, activities
5:45pm - 6pm pick up from daycare
6pm - 7pm bath time, play
7pm dinner- family time
7:30pm bed routine (wash hands and teeths, change diapers and put on PJs, read 2 little books, sing bed song
8pm bed

This schedule have worked for us so far until 20 days ago. now she is waking up around 1 or 2 am screaming and won't settle down not matter how. throws away paci, stands on crib and screams throwing her arms to reach out me. This behavior continues up to around 3 - 4am. Then when is time to wake up obviously she is tired and cranky. i feel like i am at the end of the rope.


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Re: almost 19 months waking up several times between 1-4 am... HELPPPPP!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2019, 00:20:03 am »
It looks like she spends a long day away from family members being at daycare for 10+ hours. So part of it could be about needing more time with you...young  children can’t always articulate their needs (or even understand then) and so now she’s reached an age of more vivid memories and stronger emotions she could be dreaming in her light sleep and wastes up frightened and needs comfort. Really the only thing to do is give comfort her. 
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