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Struggling with maintaining routine
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:42:42 am »

Iím new here and have recently come across Tracy Hogg - EASY and her ideas which are great. Iím a first time mum  to a beautiful 13.5 weeks old boy and we had a really hard start for a few weeks with sleeping, feeding etc and then things started to improve from about six weeks and have gone really down hill the last week and half, he gets really over stimulated pretty quick, heís abit of a spirited baby so I even really limit my outings to make him happy and settled - Iíve noticed if weíve been out one day he seems to be soo unsettled that night and the next few days.

Iím really struggling and feel I still donít understand my son which makes me feel more upset as sometimes I think I might but most times I donít know what heís trying to communicate to me and I feel Iím failing him as I thought by now I would be on track.

Iíve gotten to a place to self settle him but to sleep however he tends to wake up after the 45min naps, Iíve had a sleep consultant help out who told me to resettle him back to sleep in any way possible but I feel he hardly ever learns to resettle himself. Weíve also regressed with self settling as he seems to be getting really worked up and I donít know if Iím mis reading his cues or starting process to early or too late and thereís been times he just wonít sleep.

Iíve been trying to get him on EASY schedule as we tend to start our day at 7 regardless and put him to  sleep by 7.-7.30. Im just wondering if you know of any sleep consultants that follow Tracy Hogg method that can assist me and better understand my son as I feel so stuck and that way can come to me and help out,

If there arenít any - should I try to start the routine by going back and just doing assist to sleep in beginning and then doing shush and pat and then pick up / put down method just to try and get him closer to the times.

Thanks in advance :)