Author Topic: Almost 12 week old night waking needing pacifier, should we stop swaddling?  (Read 1832 times)

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Wondering if anyone has had success weaning younger baby off of the pacifier.  She sleeps very well during daytime naps, only rarely cries out because loses pacifier, but at nighttime gets up fairly often needing the passy replaced, sometimes several times an hour.  She doesn't fully wakeup and goes back to sleep when she gets it, but not always for very long.  We are still swaddling.  Wondering if we should go cold-turkey on either the passy and or the swaddle so that she finds her thumb/fingers to self-soothe to help with the pacifier transition?  Or if there is an easier way to wean? I really do hate to get rid of the pacifier totally as she does find it very soothing.

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My second was particularly attached to hers. We solved it by buying a dozen of them and leaving them for her to grab and replug at night (this also meant giving her opportunities to practice replugging during the daytime). It did take a couple of weeks for her to get proficient at it, but it was worth it for us.

Can you swaddle with one arm out so she can grasp around for more to replug?

Alternately, there's a link somewhere for how to wean the paci with minimal crying (but takes several days, and w/our second it didn't work because she was REALLY REALLY invested in that thing! LOL). Maybe a mod can link the No-Cry Sleep Solution pacifier-weaning post?

Wait, I found it:

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Has she gone through the 12 week growth spurt. Waking several times in an hour sounds to me like it could be the growth spurt so it might be worth seeing what happens if you feed more. Particularly if you BF as the Growth Spurt is particularly important in long term supply at this age.
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How many feeds are you offering at night? Settling with a paci then waking again repeatedly is often sign of hunger. What if you offered a feed instead?
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