Author Topic: Please help me sort out my lovely 7 1/2 MO!  (Read 50 times)

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Please help me sort out my lovely 7 1/2 MO!
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:01:49 am »
Hi guys, I posted previously in the nap section. Have an incredibly happy, easy - going 7mo who wakes between every sleep cycle. Main problems are 1) Have been doing PU/PD for naps for a while now and while often successful, I still have to put him down ninja - style - when he's finally settled in the cot I'm inevitably hugging him and have to do the unbelievably slow and careful removal of the arms etc in order not to wake him again. I know this isn't quite right but not sure how to get out of the habit as it's already hard enough to get him to settle in his cot full stop. 2) He tends to wake up after 45 minutes, (naps about 3 times a day) I have tried going into the room to shush him through this but his eyes just snapped open and he was fully awake. Not sure how to manage that? 3) His night time sleep... is pretty terrible. He's in the bed with us and feeds throughout the night (I know this is obviously entirely my fault and AP!) and I just don't know where to start. During the evening between first going to sleep at about 7 and us going up to bed at about 11 he stirs frequently and half wakes and will only settle by feeding, so have got into the habit of just holding him all evening and feeding him back to sleep whenever he (half) wakes. Have tried putting him in his cot but he will wake up every half an hour (I wait to see and he doesn't self - settle)

So basically... it's a bit of a disaster! I'm flying across the country for a family party in 3 weeks and I really would like to feel calm about the issue and know with relative certainty that he will sleep in his cot at least till we go to bed. I can't have him in my arms all evening at the party as for one thing all the noise would no doubt wake him and a baby, however lovely, might be a bit of a party pooper!

Please help, I've really been trying these past few weeks to sort it out, have made progress with naps but re night time sleep I just can't see where to start. I can't go in EVERY HALF AN HOUR throughout the night, taking God knows how long to get him back into his cot, I might actually die of sleep deprivation!  :'(  ;)

p.s. he's been teething but not seeming to really suffer with it. Also has a touch of a cold so last night was particularly bad - awake every 45 minutes even in with me, snuffling away, but he's not otherwise ill and totally fine during day.

Thanks in advance baby whisperers!