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« on: March 30, 2019, 16:59:19 pm »
Little boy will be 8 months next week, we have had a great few months where he has slept 8pm-6.30/7am and also 2x 1.5- 2hr naps daily however over the last few weeks day time sleep has fallen apart with him waking after 38minutes or 50mins at the most and very little success in resettling. Over the last few days he has been surviving on 3x 30ish minute naps and then waking 5.30-6am and resettling some times.
Another issue is he has been self settling beautifully and now is starting to need more assistance with this.

Example day now-
7am- wake up
8am- bottle
9am- breakfast
10/10.30- nap (wakes around 11/11.15)
12.30- nap (30mins or can be longer on good day)
1.30/2- lunch
3.30- bottle
3.45/4- nap (30mins- 1hour)
5.45- dinner
7.30/8- bottle and bed
10.30- dream feed
Possible 5.30am bottle

Any suggestions where I am going wrong or is this just a phase??? I would be happy with the three cat naps if baby was happy but he gets grizzly and overtired! The two long naps usually meant he was a very happy and contented baby!