Author Topic: 6 month old napping too much?  (Read 3631 times)

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6 month old napping too much?
« on: April 07, 2019, 20:59:15 pm »
Hi everyone,

Would just love some advice on my LOís easy routine. Unfortunately not every day works like this because I also have a 3 y.o and if we are out in the day time the baby just has 30 min sleeps as and when it suits her (not ideal but thatís all sheíll do).

If we are home this is our current routine.

6/6.30 wake
7 get up - Solisís
7.30 - bottle

8.30 - nap
10.30 - wake

11am bottle
12am solids

12.30/1pm - nap (sometimes does 3 hours here 😳)
3pm - wake her up

5pm - solids
6pm bedtime routine and bottle
6.30 - bed

2.30 wake and try get her back to sleep but usually end up feeding her.

So I feel she can maybe have too much sleep in the day. We sometimes try squeeze in a nap around 4.30pm but it doesnít always happen so sheís often very tired by bed.

Iím also not sure my routine is working to help her with solids. Her breakfast she does well and I think itís because she hasnít had her bottle yet. At lunch I donít think sheís hungry and at dinner sheís too tired.

Any advice please and if I cut her day naps could it help with her night wakings? She used to wake at 12.30am, I would give her dummy then she would wake for a feed at 4am which was great. Not sure whatís going wrong and why sheís waking earlier?

Thank you. X

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Re: 6 month old napping too much?
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2019, 00:08:25 am »
At 6mo solids are really for taste not calories as they are less nutrient dense than breast milk or formula, so it's actually better to give milk first and top up with solids until about 1 year old.
A night feed is also very normal at 6mo and it maybe because of the 3 meals of solids that it's still needed, ( solids make them want more fluid) also many 6mo are still on 1 or 2 solid meals as it isn't as filling as milk.
A rule of thumb I got told was if a 6 Mo goes 6 hours and wakes up feed them... 8mo 8 hours... So by 6 months you can reasonably expect most (but not all) to go 6 hours, but to go 12 is luck more than normal... So 2.30am is reasonable. And at 6mo 5 feeds is normal.

In terms of her day naps, they don't impact waking more the length of night sleep and total sleep in 24 hours rather than how it's broken up..
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Re: 6 month old napping too much?
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2019, 01:43:47 am »
Thank you for your reply. Yes I think I maybe need to worry less about eating solids as she is only just starting. I might go back to just two meals because Iím struggling to think of ideas for her (which just go on the floor anyway)

I also forgot to add, the reason Iím wondering if sheís napping too much is because she can we awake for a couple of hours in the night which again is a new thing. I donít mind having to do a night feed. Iím fully expecting for a while longer.

So are you saying itís the amount of hours sleep over a full 24 hours? It doesnít matter how it works? How many hours does a 6 month old need? On a good day  she would sleep 6.30 to 6am with maybe a 30 min wake for feed but then she might nap well that day too and then my next night there would be more wakings/ awake in the night.