Author Topic: re-introducing EASY  (Read 4132 times)

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re-introducing EASY
« on: March 20, 2019, 05:27:16 am »
My 4-month-old has gotten all out of whack.  I thought that perhaps EASY was to blame for her short naps so I started feeding her to sleep a few weeks ago.  You can imagine I am not where I'd like to be and we've lost all sense of our routine.  How do you jump back into an easy routine and what schedule would you recommend for a small 4-month-old? I don't think she's ready to do 4 hour easy, just three hours even though she sleeps through the night she takes REALLY short naps and is only awake for about 2 hour stretches so three hours is about all she can muster.  Just passed 12 pounds so she's got a tiny tummy.  Good news is she sleeps through the night since we introduced cereal but her naps are a disaster.  She cried for three hours today... she's also cutting teeth... where do I begin? Hoping tomorrow is a fresh start.  Help please?

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Re: re-introducing EASY
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2019, 07:03:50 am »
If she is sleeping through the night then, (hard as it is) do your best through the day. While guide routines say 4 hourly at 4mo, many babies just can’t do it. I would honestly stay with 3 if she is content and with luck she may do longer naps in the next month or so. I know my eldest struggled with naps longer than 40/45 mins until around 5mo.

Hard as it is when you have a small baby, but all too soon they grow up, so try to enjoy the unsettled times with cuddling and listen to what she’s communicating.
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