Author Topic: When/how to drop the dreamfeed  (Read 1910 times)

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When/how to drop the dreamfeed
« on: April 25, 2019, 07:59:09 am »

As the title says really! DS2 is 27 weeks/just turned 6months.

I dreamfeed at 22:30, although he sometimes wakes for it at 22:15ish, then has a NF at around 2/3am. I have a feeling that he is waking for these out of habit now, particularly the DF, as he never used to wake and is doing so more and more.

Any advice on when or how I should stop?

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Re: When/how to drop the dreamfeed
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2019, 23:00:23 pm »
I think the best way to cut out the DF is to make it earlier and slightly smaller. So if he's waking 10.15, then try for 10pm
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