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8 month old, Chronically overtired
« on: April 30, 2019, 01:25:16 am »
I struggled with my daughters sleep for her first 7 months. Then I worked her routine out well and got her self settling. I struggled to get great naps but she started sleeping through the night(previously up every hour). She slept about 6:30-8:30. It was glorious! That last two weeks. She suddenly woke one night. I tried to avoid feeding her but eventually caved. She started to wake once a night but it would take me hours to get her to stay in her bed. Now it takes me hours to get her to sleep every night. Some nights it takes me up until midnight or later to get her to sleep or she wakes every hour. She refuses to nap in her bed 95% of the time. She wonít self settle 95% of the time. I tried not to redevelop bad habits but she screams like sheís being murdered if I try and leave her. I was doing car and stroller naps out of desperation and now these are starting to fail. She will usually only have two 30 minute naps each day. This has been maybe three weeks.

Iíve taken her to the doctor out of desperation. No obvious signs of illness. Not sure what started it all but now sheís

I think she needs to recover lost sleep as sheís chronically overtired before I even attempt her schedule again. But I canít get her to sleep and stay asleep. So Iím not sure how to get her out of the overtired cycle. And Iím not sure if her issues are mostly overtired ones now or if sheís being bothered by something.

On another note, I cut out dairy and soy because it seemed to cause her gas and upset when she was about 2 months old. I started it again about a week before she stopped sleeping. Iíve cut it out again(just over a week ago) but I really donít think thatís the problem. She has no obvious gas pain or any other signs of dairy intolerance anymore. But so desperate Iíve cut it or anyway. Anyone know if milk intolerance could ever exist with only symptom being sleep distruptions?