Author Topic: 7m/o frequent night wakings.  (Read 8149 times)

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Re: 7m/o frequent night wakings.
« Reply #45 on: May 27, 2019, 22:35:27 pm »
So, we tried a few days with a CN but realised he really just doesn’t want/need it.

We’ve now settled on something approx like:

WU 6:30
S: 9:30-11
S: 14:00-15:30
BT 18:30/45

We are still getting some night wakings, but not as frequent as we were. And he’s still needing a feed in the night, but I’m finding it hard to know when he’s truly hungry as he’s often awake a few times beforehand.

Thanks for all those still here and listening. Persevering with the A times and stretching them out seems to have helped us a little. Hoping that nighttime’s will settle down more soon.

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Re: 7m/o frequent night wakings.
« Reply #46 on: May 29, 2019, 18:17:30 pm »
Keeping my fingers crossed for you (and please do the same for me with my NWs & NFs ;D)