Author Topic: Where did our good sleeper go?  (Read 1995 times)

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Where did our good sleeper go?
« on: June 09, 2019, 14:36:32 pm »
My 7.5 month old daughter has been pretty consistent about STTN. She would sleep from bedtime (usually 7-7:30) until 4:30. Eat and then sleep until her normal wake up around 7. I feel like the 4:30 wake up was more habit vs hunger to be honest. And now lately she has been waking up throughout the night crying. I give her 10-15 min before entering her room and offer her a paci, a pat etc to try and get her to settle back to sleep. We live in an apartment complex so cry it out is difficult for us. (Also difficult for me emotionally if I’m honest LOL.)

Between me, my husband and his mom, she has a different wind down routine with everyone, and they may be feeding her to sleep during day which I have discouraged. I keep pushing CONSISTENCY, but they’re less motivated since I am the one waking with her.. Any tips or advice for establishing a good routine and how to handle her night wake ups?

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Re: Where did our good sleeper go?
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2019, 23:32:49 pm »
I don't think cry it out is ever a good option and actually actively not supported on BW, so good on you for not wanting to use it.

7mo is actually a time when night wakings just seem to happen, quite possibly nothing to do with routine, more teeth moving under the gums, baby being more physically active, more mentally alert and going through first steps of SA.
TBH unless the 10-15mins is a grizzly in sleep kind of cry, and she does mostly fall asleep before you go in, if you have to go in 80% of the time, I'd go in straight away, if she knows you respond quickly, it can help the settling back to sleep (for both of you) as 10 mins of you lying there listening will make your sleep even worse.
The other thing is the Pacifier, if she falls asleep using it, it may be time to remove that (although with my DS2) he still didn't sleep better) as it maybe a prop and she expects to have it when she wakes. Another alternative if is to teach her to find it. Have a place in the crib where you have a soft hat and a couple in it, near her ear and when you put her down help her hand to get one and put it in her mouth and over time she will work out  how to do it...may take weeks though.
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