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8 month old EASY advice
« on: June 25, 2019, 21:15:39 pm »

DS2 has just turned 8 months and our current EASY looks like this:

WU (EW): 5:30 (i leave him as long as possible and then ssh/pat until 6:00, when I give up. On rare occasions he does eventually go back to sleep for another 40mins or so.)
S: 9:00-10:30/11
S: 13:45/14:00 - 15:15/15:45
BT: 18:30/45

As you can see, his afternoon nap is a bit sporadic. Iím trying to work on 3hrs A time, approx.

He mostly STTN, although we do have nights with NWs and they are becoming more frequent, but he is now consistently EW and I *cannot* get him to resettle.

Is there any advice on our current routine that can help?
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