Author Topic: Eight week old evening sleep (or lack of)  (Read 920 times)

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Eight week old evening sleep (or lack of)
« on: August 18, 2019, 19:07:49 pm »

I'm looking for some help with my eight week old in evenings. He will only sleep on me, generally after nursing. At night and during the day he can go to sleep independently, just with the occasional use of a dummy when he seems to be struggling a bit. During the day, he generally sleeps in his buggy in the dining room and at night he's in a cot next to our bed. In the evening, I'd like him to sleep in the living room, where we've got a moses basket (currently placed inside a crib, which we've tried him in too), essentially just to follow safe sleep advice. I do wonder if he'd go to sleep in his cot in our room, but it's on the third floor of the house so feels a bit far away and if he does want a feed at 8/8.30 then I'm a bit reluctant to have to spend the evening in the bedroom rather than getting to enjoy a little downtime (I also have a four and a half year old and nearly three year old).

Part of me is tempted just to wait it out a few more weeks and just accept that he'll be on my lap for evenings for the immediate future, but really I'd like a bit more freedom.

I tend to follow a pretty consistent bedtime routine at the same time as getting my other two ready for bed and have been putting him downstairs in his moses basket around 7pm. He generally goes down fairly content and just amuses himself for about 30/40 minutes before he begins to complai. I've never got on very well with shush patting to be honest, and while a dummy usually sorts it when he grumbles going down for a nap or after a night feed he never accepts one in the evening. I usually just give up and feed him and ten minutes later he's asleep on me for the evening.

Any advice??


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Re: Eight week old evening sleep (or lack of)
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2019, 21:48:26 pm »
Honestly, where you say part of you is tempted to... I'd go with that. Enjoy that time, because when they are older you will never get it back. Find a book or TV or something and just relax while you can.
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