Author Topic: 12 week old - want to introduce formula dream feed - need advice please  (Read 5725 times)

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Hi there my lo is 12 weeks old tomorrow and is currently breast fed only and Iím thinking of starting a dream feed of formula.
I have tried to do the easy routine and we do follow the eas pattern but he doesnít usually nap for more than 45 minutes so often try to get him back down .occasionally this will work but otherwise I end up feeding again after about 2.5 hours instead of the 3 hour mark.
How much formula should I start with in his dream feed?
Iím also not enjoying breast feeding as much, funding it quite stressful so thinking to gradually wean onto formula only... and just not sure of the best way to do this?
Also have been told that even with formula you need to feed responsively , but then how do you follow the easy routine? As this is on 3 hourly pattern?

Would really appreciate some advice please.

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Hi there!

Breastfed babies feeding needs are quite different to formula fed and views and knowledge have changed considerably since Traceyís books were written so donít worry about sticking exactly to the timings of the EASy.

Breast milk is digested a lot quicker than formula which is why most babies donít make it to 3 hours at the ages suggested, so feeding sooner is totally fine and expected. What we do find is that formula fed babies are able often able to go longer than 3 hours sooner than expected which also has issues as their A times then need to catch up with those E times....

If your LO hasnít had a bottle yet be prepared for him not to like it as bottle teats are very different to you, there are bottle types that mimic more natural shapes which may influence your choice of bottle. Formula also tastes very different so that may be rejected too. That said he may take to it like a duck to water.

I would just offer 3 or 4oz for the first feed and see how it goes, you can buy ready made for small feeds so it may be worth dong that in the short term rather than buying a full pack and wasting it. If you arenít already doing a dream feed try it for a week or so to see how he takes to it. Neither of mine would take a dreamfeed so we just let them wake when they were hungry and got them back to sleep ASAP.

No experience with swapping from breast to formula Iím afraid as both mine were only bottle fed but I think gradually is best. I know some have swapped by replacing one feed a day for a few days then building up but that can have an impact on supply for other feeds. Maybe post on the breast feeding board as I may not be right!