Author Topic: Weaning co-sleeping, paci, swaddle?  (Read 599 times)

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Weaning co-sleeping, paci, swaddle?
« on: September 01, 2019, 18:46:10 pm »
Hi everyone!!

I'm editing this post because our 4mo's situation has changed. She's an angel baby with GERD, not gaining enough weight and she's been on omeprazole for over two weeks now (it seemed to get better, then worse, and now they've increased the dose). I'd postponed independent sleep because of the reflux but now I'm working on it whenever she has good days with little reflux. We've always co-slept at night so that she would eat frequently and gain weight. For naps I've been using swaddle, pacifier and white noise and rocking her lightly until drowsy and then put in the crib and she'd fall asleep, and with the right timing I have gotten her to sleep without rocking several times (but with swaddle and paci). Shh pat seems to help some times and others just wake her up more. She doesn't really have a routine because every day is a different adventure, but she has around 1h20 A times and can't get past the 45min mark independently except for rare occasions.

Sometimes she still spits out the paci when she falls asleep, but lately this has started to wake her up so I'm having to plug it back in now. I was thinking about doing the gentle removal plan for the paci (naps) and the breast (nightime), but I don't know if I should wean co-sleep first, or at the same time? And swaddle last?

Any advice will be appreciated, thanks!!
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