Author Topic: 10 month old, ready for one nap a day or longer A times or teething?  (Read 2480 times)

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Hi, DS is 10.5 months old and is going through quite the rough patch with sleeping.  He's usually very quick to settle, but the last three or four nights has taken 30-60 mins to get down for the night and the afternoon nap.  His A times are nearing 5 hrs and he seems tired, but not terribly uncomfortable.  He hasn't gotten any teeth yet, but I can see where the bottom two will be coming in shortly.

The image shows his sleep schedule for the last week.  The columns are:
  • date
  • time he started sleeping
  • time he stopped sleeping - note that he sleeps through the 23:59 - 0:00 part of the night, it's just how I notate the 24hr period ending
  • duration of that sleep session
  • time awake - from eyes open to eyes closed
  • total sleep duration for that day
  • total nap duration for that time
  • score from 1-5 of how well he slept overnight

My questions are:
1. Is he ready for one nap a day or is he still too young?
2. He has quite a lot of wind in his tummy, could this be from teething?
3. Is 5-6 night wakings too many for being hungry if he eats well during the day? Is he comfort nursing?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!!