Cio when not being picked up in stroller?


Hi, I don't really know where to post this question hope it's somewhat right.
If I'm out with my Dd in the stroller and she cries and I don't pick her up, is that cio? My dd2 is 8 months and just like her sister she will sit in the stroller for a little while and then has enough and refuses to be in there anymore. Occasionally we use it and always bring a sling to carry her when she's had enough but I forgot it today and she's to heavy to carry all the way home (whilst driving the stroller) and she screamed the whole way (about 15min). I feel so bad but didn't know what to do. She could see me the whole time and I tried talking and singing but it didn't help. It doesn't work to pick her up to calm her and put her back it just makes it worse. I have the same question about the car. She can see and hear me but if she's crying and I don't do anything will it break the bond of trust? I feel like she's looking at me like "I need you why don't you pick me up?"

In life there are times you just can't respond physically, but if you are talking to her and being responsive then it's not CIO.
It's hard to hear them be so upset, but sometimes it happens and if you are able to respond supportivly the vast majority of the time then your doing fine.

Ok thank you so much, that makes me feel a bit better about it!


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