Author Topic: A time after short nap?  (Read 1332 times)

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A time after short nap?
« on: October 17, 2019, 13:25:39 pm »
My 4.5month old is going through the 4month sleep regression at the moment and it is mostly affecting her naps with some of them being short (35-45mins). Her usual A time is 1hr45mins (sometimes nearer 2hours), but when she has a short nap I'm not sure how much A time she needs before I should try and put her down for a nap again? She's a very content baby and doesn't give many tired cues, so I'm struggling to know how much A time she can manage after only a 30min nap?

She's exclusively BF and feeds about every 3.5-4hrs. She sleeps well overnight from 7pm-7am with only one, maybe two wake-ups for milk.

We've been using shush-pat with her from the very beginning, and although she isn't quite ready to put herself fully to sleep yet, she is very easy to get down to nap with limited patting and just sitting next to her.