Author Topic: 15 week old suddenly catnapping  (Read 1373 times)

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15 week old suddenly catnapping
« on: January 11, 2020, 02:21:50 am »

We have been on easy since birth (as best as we could)
transitioned my daughter to a 3.5hr schedule recently with 3 naps during the day. I aim to have her awake time be between 1.30hrs-1.75hrs depending on how she's is going.

The past couple of days she has been waking up after a sleep cycle and has not been going back to sleep. I put her down to sleep awake, and put her paci/dummy in, but she usually spits it out after a few minutes or doesn't take it at all. She falls asleep very easily.

She is a great night sleeper, has been doing quite a few 12 hour straight nights or when she doesn't do that i will usually feed her once around 1/2am. (We attempted dream feeding but it disrupted the rest of her night)

I have experimented with increasing her awake time a little then bringing it back and it hasn't made any difference to her naps.
When she does wake up after one sleep cycle i do not go in unless she gets very worked up, she mostly does a mantra cry on and off with moments of silence. So i keep her in her crib until it is time to feed. Sometimes that can be an hour!

Here is a log of how yesterday went

Awake - 6.50am
Eat - 6.54am
Sleep - 8.35-10.30am, she woke up after one sleep cycle but managed to resettle on her own after 20 or so minutes
Eat - 10.35am
Sleep 12.30pm-1pm would not resettle even after i went in and replaced paci
Eat 2pm
Sleep 3.30pm-4pm would not resettle even after i went in and replaced paci
Eat 5pm (attempted to put her down for a catnap but she wouldn't settle)
Eat 7pm
Bed 7.15pm

Here is how today went

Awake - 2.30am, waited 5 minutes to see if she would go back to sleep but she didn't, so i fed her
Awake - 7am, set my alarm to wake her
Eat - 7.05 am
Sleep - 8.30am-9.20am - would not resettle
Eat - 10.20am
Sleep - 12.20pm-1pm (We had an appointment so she went to bed a little later)
Eat - 2pm
Sleep 3.30-4.15pm
Eat 5pm
Sleep 6-6.40pm - thought i would get another nap in before settling for the night
Eat 7.23pm
Sleep/Bed 8.10pm

today was the first day in her life that she did 4 catnaps. I feel like such a failure (which i know is silly) but i'm so frustrated and have no idea where to go from here, I'm super paranoid that she's going to start waking up all night and that she'll keep catnapping for months.

When she would wakeup after one cycle previously she was always able to go back to sleep for another cycle.
She is a very healthy 16lb 3 month old, 90th percentile for weight. Is pretty content and happy when she is awake, but has definitely become more tired and a bit irritable the past few days because of the catnaps.

A few extra things to consider
 - she has really rosy cheeks right now and is drooling a lot! no other symptoms, i can't see any teeth coming through so i doubt it's teething and she doesn't have a fever. she feeds really well and is pretty happy.

-I'm completely off dairy because of Cows milk protein intolerance. She also has a bit of reflux and tends to spit up frequently.

- She likes to roll to her side but hasn't completely rolled over yet. i zip her up in a Love To Dream Sleep Swaddle.

- Dark room, white noise, perfect temperature in her bedroom

Thanks for any insight!

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Re: 15 week old suddenly catnapping
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2020, 15:31:27 pm »
She could be starting on teeth, jut still so far under the gums that even if you can't see it, she can feel it. Maybe try some pain meds before naptime and see if that helps her transition?

Also, have you tried being there at the 45-minute mark and resettling her before she wakes fully enough to even realize you're there? Once they're awake, they're usually AWAKE. Both of mine were fierce pacifier addicts but the benefit was that I could "re-plug" them at the transition and they'd roll over and go back to napping until they got used to transitioning themselves.

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Re: 15 week old suddenly catnapping
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2020, 22:31:27 pm »
Thank you! will give these ideas a try! hopefully the catnaps don't stick around for long