Author Topic: I think I need a whole new routine  (Read 1669 times)

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I think I need a whole new routine
« on: November 06, 2019, 15:16:41 pm »

Everything has gone wrong lately, my DD is 7 months old, 8 months old in 10 days.
We have problems with EW, she wakes at 6, 6;30, 7am, but she usually goes back to sleep if we put the dummy in. She goes to bed at about 8:30pm, ideally I would like a 730am waking with no EWs. (she used to manage and still does now and again).
After about an hour and a half from waking in the morning she is so tired from her wakings, but I usually wait until about 2 hours and she then naps for an hour.
When we run errands she has a little catnap about 2 hours since the earlier nap. Then after  lunchtime is totally touch and go (we aim for 3pm), sometimes a short OT (i think) nap, other times a 2 hour nap. She then WILL NOT nap at all until bed time and she is totally grumpy and overtired.
This is such a mess, help please?
thanks in advance.