Author Topic: 10 mo old won’t self-feed  (Read 23887 times)

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10 mo old won’t self-feed
« on: November 15, 2019, 02:24:20 am »

I have two concerns:

1. How can I encourage my DD to self feed real food. She didn’t take to BLW (did that with my older son) so we stuck to purée. I have tried to give her the spoon or laying it down but she just starts to fuss until I feed her. So now, she won’t self-feed finger food  either. She loves eating real food, but won’t feed herself. The most I get is that she will pick up the food and squish it but then fusses for me to feed her lol any tips?
2. What’s an eating schedule for a 10 mo old (9 mo adjusted)?
 I’m wondering if I should be feeding her more. She started waking up for an extra feed at night after not doing so for weeks. Is it a growth spurt? Do I need to up her calories?
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Re: 10 mo old won’t self-feed
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2019, 14:24:19 pm »

My DD2 was like yours in that she just wouldn't feed herself as a baby! I remember wondering around 9 mo why she wouldn't feed herself.  I'd offer her a mixture of finger foods and purees/mushed food but she wouldn't pick it up herself.  If I held her finger food (or a spoon) in front of her mouth then she'd lean forwards to eat it.

I just kept offering and eventually she started doing it herself.  IT wasn't that she lacked the motor skills or anything like that.  Just an odd "quirk" I think (or maybe she didn't want to get messy..??).

Anyway, I just wanted to reassure you that I had the same thing and it all resolved itself (I'm pretty sure by the time she was 12 mo she was doing it herself) without me really having to do anything, other than regularly giving her the opportunity to do it herself.

Hopefully some one else can reply about your other qn :)  I think I was offering 2/3 small solid meals a day around 10 months, and she was on 3 meals/day by 12.
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