2:1 trouble 10 months



My dd is 10 months and we recently had to increase her A-time to 4 hours. Her sleep now looks something like this

WU 07.00
S 11.00-12.00
S 16.00-16.30
BT 20.20

She goes down well for sleep but I'm wondering if it's enough sleep for her age and if there's some other way to get more sleep? If she has a catnap she can go almost as long a-time as usual, we've tried shorter and she will not sleep. Should I be capping the first nap even more than I am to get an earlier BT? Or should i cap the catnap even shorter like 10-20 min? I don't want to go to one nap too early but I don't know how to fit everything in a day.. any advice is much appreciated!

If she is happily going down for naps and bedtime and is in a good mood most of the day then I'd leave well enough alone. The book times are averages and so plenty will do less and plenty more.

Thanks for your reply! I don't know if she's in a good mood most of ghe time..but she doesn't seem really tired. But I'm just worried when she's getting so little sleep compared to other babies the same age if it's not good for her. I feel like we're headed for just one nap very soon and it's not supposed to be for another two months at the earliest. The days right now feel too long but I don't know what to change. And she never gets to sleep until she wakes by herself cause I always wake her so I don't know if that's bad.. but no major problems at the moment so we'll just experiment I guess


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