Author Topic: 12 week old with only 20 min naps  (Read 1450 times)

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12 week old with only 20 min naps
« on: December 05, 2019, 04:23:24 am »
My DS is almost 13 weeks old and mostly takes 20 mins naps and will scream awake. It is very hard to resettle him unless i hold him to sleep, but I donít want him to get used to that prop. He has been a terrible napper since the first few weeks of life. I had attributed it initially to reflux but that has mostly subsided. Now, heís dealing with eczema and itchy skin. Poor guy canít catch a break. Perhaps pain is the cause of the poor sleep??

Iíve tried all I could to extend his nap: covering his eyes, shh-pat, and holding him down. But he still wakes up at the 20 min mark. (This is already an improvement - he used to wake up at 6 mins or 10 and wonít resettle). He is Able to fall asleep Independently if heís comfortable and not overtired. But most days, he goes from super smiley to cranky within a few minutes and by then, he canít calm to sleep without me shh-pat. .

Iíve tried to adjust his awake time but no matter what, itís still short naps! He also seems to not want to sleep! He will just look around, smile, and I can shh-pat for 10 mins. Then he gets finally cranky from being overtired and cries and canít sleep independently. And activity time is now way over. Then because he hasnít napped, he will nap when eating and mess up nap schedule even more.

Hereís a sample EASY today:

6: eat
615: sleep til 7. Resettled and sleep til 830

830: had to change massive poop
9: eat
1015: nap 20 mins. Couldnít Resettle
1130: nap 37 mins.
1210: awake

1215: Eat
145: nap 20 mins. Resettled another 25 mins
245: awake

330: eat
445: finally fell asleep for 6 mins
530: finally resettled. Nap 30 mins.
600: awake

600: eat
700: didnít want to nap. Bath.
745: eat
830: bedtime.

1100: dreamfeed
2:00: night waking
5:00: eat

He has not extended night feeds beyond 3 or 4 hours either. Sigh.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !! Oh forgot to mention, his naps are no better in the car or stroller. Only improves with carrier. And itís hard to do that when I have a 2 year old to care for too!