Author Topic: When your 3.5 year old starts napping again  (Read 802 times)

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When your 3.5 year old starts napping again
« on: December 11, 2019, 20:28:59 pm »
Ive recently posted about sleep issues we were having with my almost
3.5 year old. He wakes in the night and we have to go in to resettle him and heís also waking super early sometimes at 5 am! This week I decided to try to give him a nap. He hasnít napped in about 8 months at least not in his bed maybe a snooze in the car on occasion. But today is day 3 of him going down for a nap after preschool so it can be 145-315 or 2-3:30 and his behavior and appetite is so much better during the day !! Heís even waking later (not as late as Iíd like though ) lol. I wonder if this is just a few days of catch up but itís helping him so much during the day. He doesnít fall asleep until around 9 but worth it for now.