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14 month old EASY
« on: December 31, 2019, 06:15:19 am »
Hi all,

Hoping for some advice.

My 14 month old has always been a dream with naps and self settling and generally STTN unless ill. We then hit 13 months and a long spate of coughs/colds/sickness bugs and now his sleep has completely lost its way.

Our EASY at 12/13 months, that was working at the time, was:

WU 6:00/6:15 (I have to have it at this time due to work commitments so canít push it later)
S: 9:30-10:00 (I wake after 30mins - he used to have longer here but I found cutting it down then helped his night time sleep)
S: 13:00-14:30/15:00 (I wake at 15:00 if still sleeping, which was about 75% of them time)
BT: 18:30/19:00 (4hrs after last wake up)

It worked really well for quite a while but now Iím seeing EW at 5:15/30, afternoon nap is regularly only 1h15mins instead of 2hrs and even with sometimes and EBT of 18:15 he is waking up SEVERAL times a night - lots of crying for repeatedly and for long stretches - sometimes it can be 2hrs before he resettles.

I have a niggly feeling that itís the start of the 2:1 nap transition but, even having done this before with DS1, I donít really know where to start. All I know is that after 2 months of EW and night wakings, Iím totally broken. When he wakes he seems to just want to know Iím there - lies back down when I come in, generally ok in cot if he knows Iím there but eventually just get tired and fed up and cries regardless. Is it developmental or a phase of separation anxiety that I have to deal with or is it overtiredness and naps need changing?

Do I cut the morning nap? Iím not sure he could last much past 10:30am.
Do I extend the morning nap, cut the afternoon nap down, with the aim to push the morning nap back to lunchtime?

*edit* today I tried to do his afternoon nap a bit later so we did 45mins am nap at 9:15 and then down for pm nap at 13:30...he woke after 45mins but I was able to resettle by putting my hand on his back. But he then woke again after 20mins.
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