Author Topic: Need encouragement -Shush patting with 10 week old  (Read 2235 times)

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Need encouragement -Shush patting with 10 week old
« on: January 16, 2020, 22:24:47 pm »
Hello fellow baby whisperers ! I am so grateful for this site! Our darling son is 10 weeks old now he is our sixth baby. I have use the baby whisperer technique for all of our children. And I have pretty much always gone through this phase from about 10 weeks to about 16 weeks is when it starts depending on the child. And then I have to sort of get them used to going to sleeping on their own. They tend to wake up after that first sleep cycle in their naps and then have a hard time settling down again. And we start the whole shush patting thing. I know it worksAs I used it with all our other children and they ended up being great sleepers! But I have to admit when Im in the trenches of it it is so exhausting. I started last Saturday and I feel like the last two days he totally regressed. I just need some encouragement and would like to know if anybody else has had that happen? Beginning it seeing progress and then seeing a total regression. Some of his naps today were 14 minutes long. Exhausting. And its just hard because I have to tend to the other five children as well. But I know that its worth it because in the end it will result in a baby who can sleep independently and wake up happy rather than fussy. Any encouragement is so needed!  Also its really hard because his naps are so shortened. I feel like if that first nap is off -the whole day ends up getting thrown. He cant stay awake for his full wake times -understandably so - so hes overtired when he goes down for naps even when I really shorten the wake time.  I am literally putting him to sleep coming back in to try to put him back to sleep in the middle of the nap finally getting him out of the crib because he barely falls back asleep feeding again and then starting the whole cycle over again. Ahhhh!  But I seem to remember reading somewhere that Tracy said dont give up before the miracle.  thank you for any encouragement.