Author Topic: 16 months sleep help! Complex and multiple issues!  (Read 1333 times)

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16 months sleep help! Complex and multiple issues!
« on: February 07, 2020, 20:05:25 pm »
Hi, it's been a while since I've posted.
My 16 month old was never the easiest babe when it comes to sleep training. We had a good thing going for a while.
She was in her own room. Waking up a little on the early side between 6 and 6.30, naptime at the babysitter was at 11.30 and she slept for 1 hr 45 min. Bedtime was at 6.45 pm.

She started waking up between 10 and 12 pm every night on and off, my husband felt that she was scared to be in the room alone because she settled down when we left her door open.

I decided last week to put her in her sister's room. My DD1 just turned 3 and was thrilled with the idea. On the first night the baby cried once or twice and then settled. Thought we had it. Alas... the night waking went away for a day or 2 but she started waking up before 6 and waking DD1 and then the night waking started again.

So 1st question is it too soon for them to be sharing a room?
2nd question, is she sleeping too much during the day?
3rd: would w2s work to try get her out of the habit of waking up so early? She woke up a few days in at 6.45 but didnt do it again :(