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15 mo EASY?
« on: April 23, 2020, 10:29:02 am »

Im having some wonky naps and night sleep.

This is our EASY typically:

WU 7
Nap: 11:15- 12:45 pm
Nap: 3:45ish/4 pm for around 20-30 minutes
Bedtime 7:15-8 pm depending on when we cap

It was working for awhile and now for the past two weeks its been touch and go. There are days she wont do her CN so we try to push up bedtime from up to an hour earlier. It started with she would do 12 hours with a lot of OT wake ups in the early part of the night. Now, she will EW even if I do a 11.5 hour day off one nap.

The issue is the long stretch to bedtime after refusing the CN. Yesterday we did one nap with a 7:30 wake up and 7 pm bedtime and she fell asleep at 7:15.

She is now up a little before 6 am and had several nigjtwakings. She is in a developmental leap and I believe shes teething. I see canines coming through possibly. She wont let me see. She also is fussy and clingy at times and wakes up screaming during most NW.

Not sure what do to, should I just ride it out a bit more hoping it will resolve itself or is she in need of a change in EASY?
Jennifer xx