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« on: June 20, 2020, 15:38:56 pm »
Hi there,

I am expecting this October and have read Tracy's book. I plan to stick to the baby whisperer method as I've seen it work with my friend's three children. My question is: Tracy recommends that the baby sleeps in their own crib in their own room from day one, but this seems to go against the hospital's recommendation for preventing SIDS. Can anyone speak to this? My husband is very worried about this. Thank you in advance

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Re: Q re SIDS
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2020, 00:03:12 am »
Research and knowledge changes over time as we learn more from different studies and information. The BW Books and therefore ideas are from more than 18 years ago and  the medical knowledge reflected in them has changed in that time.
As a parent, there is a plethora of information to work through and it is best to follow current medical advice and in terms of SIDS, BW is outdated.
Be mindful on your parenting journey any book you read is a general average of all babies, it's not going to be a magic road map to an easy journey. As BW shows babies are different temperaments.  Connection to your child will always be far more valuable than following routines in a book. For example modern advice is to consider consistency through rituals and non time based routine far more than the clock based schedule.
Research also seems to indicate that babies who sleep in a sling or stroller/pushchair in the first few months are no less likely to be good sleepers than those who stick at home sleeping in their bed the vast majority of the time and baby wearing and naps on the go bring many positive benefits that should not be overlooked in the aim to have it 'right' (which will never happen).

So while BW is a great  piece of the puzzle to your parenting journey, it needs to be used in conjunction with changed best practices and medical advice over the last almost 2 decades, rather than stand alone.

Best advice I can give as a Mum of teens is... There are no 'getting it wrong' in your parenting journey, just 'chances to learn and grow' A good parent isn't one that has a sleeping baby (that's a lucky one) a good parent is one who learns to accept it's always changing and how to adapt. For me learning to work through and overcome my type A personality was the best thing for my parenting journey. 
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Re: Q re SIDS
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2020, 03:10:36 am »
I'm on my 3rd BW baby and I think what has been most helpful for me is knowing what kind of baby I have and tips and tricks for them. My first was a spirited baby and had I not discovered this forum and then Tracy's books, it would have been a very rough start, and possibly our only kid lol. Unfocused a lot of following everything perfectly with her and it made me realize that there's still room for our own instincts. As far as the crib thing, I think once you have your baby you will see that having a newborn sleep in a crib in their own room would be pretty much impossible unless you were in the room too. There is this intense connection that, at least for me, made it hard for me to let my kids even nap in their room during the day without me right there.