Author Topic: 3 year old early wakings  (Read 2833 times)

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3 year old early wakings
« on: September 13, 2020, 10:25:21 am »
My youngest is 3y and 8m. She has never been a good sleeper at night. Previously used to have night terrors from ages of 1ish and would constantly wake hysterically crying  multiple times in night.She also used to have a dummy till she was 3.

I cut her nap (which was about half hour  long) which used to be at 1pm till about half 1:30. But this hasnt helped either.She wakes at 5ish and refuses to go back to sleep. I usually sit in her room at bedtime and most of the time within 5 mins she is asleep. She has continued to wake around 5 and refuses to sleep again and will toss and turn and complain.If i dont go to her room she would get out of bed and wakes my son up too down the corridor with her crying.Her gro clock comes on at 6, at which point I let her get out of bed. But she is constantly tired and tries to sleep even for 5 min car journey even on dining chairs! She usually asleep by half 7. She is usually in bed for 7:15ish.

Last night was the worse she kept waking from 11 till 12:30 and finally went sleep properly at 1.but then was wide awake from half 4 :(

She usually starts bedtime routine at 6:45 at weekend.on weekdays we do bath and pjs and then pick up my eldest from after school activity at 7.Straight upstairs at 7:05, nightlight on and then story and brush teeth and sleep. I usually have white noise on from 10pm ish for her.

Overall she is very stubborn and independent and likes to do everything herself.

I Don't know what to do as I thought she would sleep better when I dropped her nap about 4 weeks ago :(. Today i have resorted to letting her have 15 min nap at 11 am as she was so tired.

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Re: 3 year old early wakings
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2020, 19:21:02 pm »
Hey I would totally drop the nap and bring BT way earlier. Her day is probably too long with that early waking, if she needs a nap let it be no longer than 20 mins but really at that age Id be pushing to go nap free and decent bedtime.

Maybe try a 6.30 BT for a few days so she gets a solid night as those NW as poss as shes overtired by the time shes asleep. Then once you get a consistent good night push bedtime by 15 mins every 3 days or so.

Does that make sense