Author Topic: 16 week old up between 8-10p  (Read 5017 times)

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16 week old up between 8-10p
« on: July 06, 2020, 13:42:16 pm »
Hi there,

My 16 week old baby girl has been touchy with narrow windows to do anything right! We currently have a routine but she gets up after “bedtime”. Wondering if I’m pushing a 4 hour routine too quickly on her or her bedtime is too late? Any help would be appreciated! Unfortunately she cannot put herself to sleep anymore. We do our nap/bedtime ritual and she cries for 5-7 minutes while being held but falls asleep. Routine below:

Up 7a
E: 715
S: 840-11 (has been waking up 35-40 mins into nap but then puts herself to sleep again after 20 mins or so)

S: 1250/1-3p

S: 450-540

A: bath time at 630 with dad
E: 7-730
S: 740/750p

She then wakes up 40 minutes later or at 930pm. If at 930pm dad feeds her and we don’t do a dream feed and she sleeps thru the night. If wakes up at 40 minutes she gets upset if we try to go in and help her transition and sometimes cries so much we end up feeding her to calm her down or put her in swing. If we feed her before 9pm we then do a dream feed at 11pm and she sleeps through the night.