Author Topic: Cannot get second nap time right for 5 month old... Ever!  (Read 21 times)

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Cannot get second nap time right for 5 month old... Ever!
« on: August 12, 2020, 19:08:57 pm »
Please can someone help me shed some light on this.... I have a 5 month old who is an independent sleeper.... for her morning nap she goes down like a dream and is asleep just within the 2 hours (swaddled and white noise... Would never take a dummy) she will sleep for usually 2 hours sometimes 2hr 25min
After this it goes pear shaped....
She fights her second nap for sooo long whether I put her in at anything from 1hr 40 to 2hr 30...have experimented with different a times.
She seems tired really early during this a time..... Seems tired about 1hr 15 or 20 and I have tried putting her in at this with variable results... She will sometimes go to sleep quicker and sleep 45-1hr 15...sometimes I can get her back at 45min and she sleeps a further hour
Cat nap she will do in her cot if the second nap has not gone too awry... We put down after 1hr 40 for this
Bedtime has always been a struggle as her days go so wrong after the first nap and she is always overtired by bedtime. Often we cheat and put her in the sling for the start of the night or feed to sleep just to try and catch up on some of the over tiredness.... She is chronically overtired I think and wakes up a lot during the night... I generally feed back to sleep as I too exhausted to anything else.
So my questions are....
Have any of you had babies this age who have very different a times for the first and second naps?
Do you think she actually isn't an independent sleeper even though she can do it for her first nap or does she lose that ability when she is so overtired just?
Is it possible to teach a baby to fall asleep despite over tiredness or are there some babies who just can't handle overtiredness.... This baby seems to stay awake for hours when overtired she completely nforgetsbhow to fall asleep... If we miss the boat with bedtime we can have up to about 3 hours of alternate crying blowing bubbles and kicking legs usually until we give in an help her to sleep as I am so panicked that she will be even more overtired or never sleep 8)
So average day
8am wake breastfeed
10am sleep 1hr 25 to 2hrs
12pm eat
2pm try to put down fights nap 3pm finally falls asleep for 30 to 45min
4pm eat
5.30 catnap
6pm wake
7pm bed
Fights bed... Asleep in sling 8pm eats 10pm 12 2 5
And repeat :-[
It's a mess I know!
Help me x