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22 month old EW
« on: September 01, 2020, 14:12:15 pm »
Hi all,

I did a post and now canít seem to find it 🙈

Just looking for some help with my 22 month old who is early waking and I think waking during the night too. Sheís been waking early for a few weeks now, she happily sits in bed and doesnít shout so itís not too bad but then I find she is horrible in the day. Constantly moaning, hard work and not listening. She naps around 12.30 but we sometimes push it to 1/1.30pm.

I donít know if I should be letting her nap for longer to catch up or making it shorter. She usually does about 2 hours in the day (I often have to waker her as she sleeps so well) and then is great form in the afternoon but then takes quite a while to go to sleep at night. Bed time is usually 7pm but she can often be messing around till 8pm-ish.

We have just been away and her nap/ sleep hasnít been great so in all honesty I thought she would totally crash now home not waking even more.

Should I be shortening or even cutting her nap? Iím not sure if she can cope without a nap but I just need my happy little girl back.

My eldest slept 1-3 at her age and then bed 7-6.30pm. She didnít drop her nap till 2.5yo so surely this one doesnít need to drop her nap already?