Author Topic: Transitioning to 4 hr EASY  (Read 5535 times)

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Transitioning to 4 hr EASY
« on: September 19, 2020, 10:59:51 am »

Need some advice here. Iím transitioning my LO to 4 hr EASY now and using 5-minute increment as a reference. Iím currently at 3h 15min EASY with 1h 30min nap and 1h 45min activity. When should I transition my LO to 3h 20min EASY? Heís currently adjusting to 1h 45min activity but unable to sleep full 1h 30min naps. Do I wait for him to be able to nap 1h 30 min before transiting to 3h 20min EASY whereby the nap time is extended by 5 mins?